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Can you answer these questions about your fellow Telopeans? Click to see if you are right!

Alan Tate. Meredith Borthwick - see ACT govt website. Ian Kerr. Steve Maitland took Mrs Pumpurs 'home'. John Pumpurs. John Bourchier. Judy Bullock, Archie Vanderglas and Phil McAppion. Bill Andrews. John Walsh. At least eight - Bill Andrews, Michael Cassin, Ian Deane, Robert Somosi, Peter Olliffe, Bill Williams, Roger Brown, Geoffrey Harders. At least three - Lesley McKay, Michael Sein and David Peachey. Janice Nelson. Fred Schodt. John Engledow. Keith Mundy. Barry Ballard. Ian Barnes. Marilyn Beaumont. Steven Bisset. Hugh Craig. Stewart Darville. Rob Nicholls. Richard Emery. Michael Guppy. Stephen Maitland. Peter Harris. Cathy Falk. Archie Vanderglas. Geoff Cannock. John Owens. Peter Odekerken. Terry Woollcott. Lesley McKay. Robert Somosi. Jim Street. Dennise Kain. Probyn Steer. Richard Swan. Brett Yeats, 25 June, 1997. Chris Bergin. Winnie Kellar. Julie Roberts.
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