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If you have memories to share with us, please send them to us (see Contacts)

Memories of Telopea 1963 - 1968

Deb Macfarlane remembers Meredith Borthwick

Telopea on Strike - were you there for the March on Parliament? Richard Swan remembers .....

Steven Maitland has sent school concert programmes - 1964 and 1966- apart from answering some questions people have raised (like who was the American trumpet player – Lloyd Hutchins; and who was in the cast of “The Odyssey of Runyon Jones”) they bring back lots of memories – and perhaps some challenges!!! Can Moira, Christine and Judy still sing “The Fox and the Goose”?; can Dinah and Ruth still be “Water” in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice”? Perhaps we will find out in mid-October. Getting excited!

Kaye Hargreaves remembers Art teacher Colleen Hinder, and fellow Telopean Sophie Hsing [read more]

miniProbyn Steer remembers cramming a record number of people into his Mini and driving to the airport (were you there?) [read more]

and defying the dress code .... [read more]

Carol Walters remembers Richard Norris [read more]

Richard Swan - When Len Whyte and I wired the Ladies Toilet ... [read more]

Richard Swan and Len Whyte again - how we used high tech to protect paradise [read more]

Richard Swan remembers being forced to wear the school tie .... [read more]

and French and Stories of Naughty Children ... [read more]

miniand science forcibly communicated .... [read more]

and a night out in his Mum's Mini .... [read more]

Fred Schodt has provided a photo of the 2A school play, and remembered that it was "The Odyssey of Runyon Jones" .... [read more]

and we have a photo of Kaye Hargreaves in the play, as the Harpy, photo provided by Terry Woollcott [read more]

Thanks to Susanna Price and Ian Kerr, we now have the words and music for the Telopea school song [we pledge to thee, Telopea ...]

Did you sign the farewell card for Fred Schodt in 1965? ... [click here to find out]

Telopea girl 1963Brett Yeats remembers a caning ... [read more]

Barbara Burns sent us the 1967 school magazine .... [read more]

Girls remember the box-pleated school tunic... [read more]

Bill Williams remembers girls, school uniforms, text books, Stan Bakker, Bridget Whitelaw, music ...... [read more]

Telopea girl 2

Terry Woollcott remembers swimming carnivals, The Hall of the Mountain King, Music and Motion, Take Five, The Albert Hall, The Book, and a chemical experiment gone wrong .... [read more]

and the school dogs [read more]

Alec McPherson remembers students challenging authority, questioning established practice, and unwilling to conform ..... [read more] TelopeaGirl3
Janice Nelson remembers gender discrimination ... [read more]
and school plays .. [read more]

and school buses [read more]