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Welcome Telopea 68

May 2014

This website was created in the second half of 2011, as part of a reunion of students who attended Telopea Park High School (Canberra), in 1963 (Form 1), 1964 (Form 2), 1965 (Form 3) through 1968 (Form 6).

The website was created by Jan Skorich (Nelson) who spent many hours at all times of the day and night collecting and publishing what has become a historical record of our time at Telopea, as well as what many of us have done since. Thanks Jan !!

The reunion was the brainchild of Brett Yeats, who worked hard to contact as many Telopeans of the 63-68 class as possible. He also worked tirelessly to organise three events held in October 2011

You can see details of the reunion here, as well as photos and videos here.

Since then, many people have worked on creating then and now photos of both students and staff which can be viewed here for Students and here for Staff.

In May 2014 work was undertaken to restructure the site to place more emphasis on the historical content, and consolidate the Reunion information into one area. No doubt some links on the pages have been broken. Please contact us if you find one and we will fix it!

You can view Class and Form photos here.

There have been some remarkable contributions to our Memories page, but we'd love to hear yours! Contact us and we will add these to our website.

We have collected Yearbooks for those years, as well as some other historical information on the School and Canberra, and they can be viewed from this page.

Do you remember the School song? [We pledge to thee, Telopea]

Brett continues to communicate subsequent events and activities with an email. You can read all of these, and some other items of interest on our News page.

Think you are up for a challenge? Have a look at our Quiz page where you may learn some interesting trivia about our classmates.