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From Terry Woollcott

The Dog and the Dodo

I’m a huge fan of the institution of the School Dog. No self-respecting school went without one. They could be mangy strays or well-fed opportunists. Either way they were a great teaching aid for children to learn and understand the nature and habits of our canine friends.

Telopea had two…but then, it was a big school and one wouldn’t have been enough to go round. We had Sarkey and another, unnamed mongrel.

Sarkey was an old, big, fat grey dog of indeterminate breeding, always dusty, and a lunch-eater. The other, a ragged, rusty-brown kelpie cross, was a car-chaser, but with a twist. He used to chase from in front, and many a teacher had to slow right down to avoid running him over. He was a barker too, and obviously enjoyed the sport…far more than any driver did.

These days dogs at school have gone the way of the Dodo. Extinct. They are simply not tolerated and are rounded-up quick-smart. Of course, this is a reflection of the current attitude to dogs in general…oh, but let’s not get me started on Dog-wowsers.


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