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SCHOOL SONG - We pledge to thee, Telopea ...

To refresh your memories on the tune, listen to Ian Kerr playing the Telopea song.

Thanks to Susanna Price's incredible memory, here are the words:

We pledge to thee, Telopea,
our loyalty forever.
To strive for honour, truth & fame,
For aye we will endeavour.

The blazing of the waratah
can truly be seen from afar
A symbol of our school's true worth,
an emblem ever standing.

On sporting fields our name is known,
a school of great ambition,
In scholarship we'll keep aloft
Telopea's tradition.

May we forever strive to do
true justice to the red and blue,
We pledge to thee, Telopea,
our loyalty forever.

Ian would like to produce a recording of the song using all our voices. Can you help? All you need to do is play this Youtube piano version of the Telopea School Song with headphones on and sing along, record the results and send the mp3 to Ian Kerr

If you need help, please contact Ian.

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