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From Probyn Steer

An episode has returned to my mind.

One our diplomatic schoolmates was returning to his home in one of the South American countries.
I can’t remember his name, but many of Telopea’s female contingents were somewhat enamoured of him.

This was one of many trips to the airport to farewell children of the Diplomatic students, but I decided we should do something a bit more out on the wire.

My Mini came to play.

I decided that we should combine this farewell with a record attempting event.

miniEleven students (mostly female) finally cramped themselves into the corners of the car.

I drove.

Changing gears was the most interesting it had ever been.

How many people remember this event and will you identify yourselves please.

I thought Judy(?) Bullock was one.

P.S. we claimed a record and it was going well except that we didn’t have a responsible adult to witness.


[illustrated by Terry Woollcott]

Janice Nelson remembers:

I was in the mini that day – I couldn’t remember until now whose it was – somebody’s mother I thought.  We crammed into the Mini, sitting on top of each other.   I remember something about the record being mentioned.  But I’m sure it was Colin Knox we were seeing off – he was going back to Scotland.  And yes, we all thought he and his brother Jim were rather nice.  In those days you could go right out on the tarmac at the airport and wave goodbye to the aircraft.  We laughed all the way there and all the way back.  I think Renate Rudowski was there, possibly Gabrielle Prindl, but I can’t remember who else.

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