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From Kaye Hargreaves

I did Level 1 Art for my HSC, which in 6th form was taught by Colleen Hinder. Does anyone know what became of her?

To Nigel Murray-Harvey: "You taught me some other years - I'm not sure which ones. I remember you said I had a good sense of design, one of those comments that teachers make that stay with you. Thanks for that. I also remember when I was about 16 you had an exhibition and students were invited to the opening. Wine and cheese was served, and I thought I was incredibly sophisticated.  When I got home my mother said "have you been drinking?". I think she disapproved, but nothing more was said. I'd love to catch up with you at the reunion."

On another issue, has anyone kept contact with Sophie Hsing? She was at Telopea in the younger years. Her family came from Hong Kong and her father worked as a cook at the Brazilian Embassy. She became one of our friends. Sadly, the so-called "White Australia Policy" was in force at the time, and her family was not allowed to stay here. They immigrated to Canada. I kept in touch with her for some time, and I remember she studied Science at university. after that we lost touch.  Losing her was my first personal experience of racism.


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