memories ....

from Carol Walters

Richard Norris is one of the very few people I do remember from Telopea as he was involved in my first memorable confusion at the school.  Probably it was day one, I was 13 years old, had never been to a co-ed school and had no idea where I was or what the rules were.  I stopped in the playground to talk to Richard and some others.  It didn't seem like a terrible thing to do!  A teacher came along and said in a booming voice "No fraternising!!!"   As I had not the faintest idea what the word meant I could only gather from his tone that I had done something wrong and should stop doing it!!!  No-one had bothered to mention to me the invisible line down the centre of the school which separated boys from girls; seemed a little pointless and strange to me but apparently that was the case.  

Such was the remaining tone of my time at the school.  I was full of confusion, no rules were ever explained.  I had never witnessed corporal punishment and was now seeing young boys going off for six of the best routinely.  It was a fairly daunting experience, actually it was downright frightening!  I coped by attending school less and less until one day my mother noticed me spending time in some of the lovely drainage system Canberra has.  At which point I was whipped off to Girls Grammar to continue my dislike of education until the earliest opportunity I had to leave.  

Richard Norris was one of the few friendly faces I do remember and it is sad to know of his passing. Interestingly each time I received the emails I have read them and each time I have remembered Richard.  


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