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My story

Rob Nicholls
I’ve been reluctant to record my story as I consider it an unfinished one. Of course, all those stories recorded here are also unfinished. However, in gratitude to Brett & the team for their very hard work I'll have a go.

So far, I have enjoyed myself immensely in the adventure that is my life. Mostly because of the people who have made my life worthwhile. At Ian Kerr's 21st birthday party I met an amazing young woman, 5 years my junior but who was and still is far more mature than me. Three years later, Jenny and I were married and we've enjoyed great times, two sons and a daughter, two daughters-in-law (one from Illinois & one from China), one son-in-law and one granddaughter. I have discovered that I am powerless in the hands of a two year old!

After ANU and a short spell in the public service, I entered the area of disability services and have stayed in community services for most of my working life. This work took us to Melbourne, which became home and a city we love. Currently, I'm back in a variation of that field in an international development agency that focuses on disability. I also do some training and consultancy work on the side.

Through this work, I was privileged to enjoy three months in the US & Canada on a fellowship and this has opened many interesting doors and friendships. Work and other interests have also provided travel opportunities to other countries. Probably my favourite has been to develop a relationship with the residents of a small village in Southern China over five years of visits.

Somehow I found myself ordained some years ago and even worked for the church as a pastor for a few years. I would simply say that God saved my life and I know him to be a very kind and gracious person. I had become a very heavy drinker in my late twenties and God intervened at a time when everything I value was put at risk.

There are many more adventures ahead and I have recently been given several opportunities to expand my consultancy work. Who knows where that will take us. I hope we can spend more time in China, with our son who lives in Japan and Italy where Jenny can paint. Unfinished business!


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