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Vale Richard Norris [University of Canberra]

From Patrick Williams:

I feel as though part of me has gone missing. We are the same age, Richard and I. We did things together, not joined at the hip but at the same time at the same stages in life. We grew up in monocrete houses. We were sub-atoms at the age of eight. We went through all of our school years in parallel and then went to the same University. We married at about the same time and had children of similar ages. We began our careers in Canberra and lived most of our lives there. We did triathlons together. I never bested him at anything, not that it matters. Dedication and focus were his great strengths, not mine. I knew at every finish line he would be there with that crazy grin and I knew that I had some way to go to reach his standard. I still do and aways will while ever the finish line is ahead of me.


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from Carol Walters

Richard Norris is one of the very few people I do remember from Telopea as he was involved in my first memorable confusion at the school.  Probably it was day one, I was 13 years old, had never been to a co-ed school and had no idea where I was or what the rules were.  I stopped in the playground to talk to Richard and some others.  It didn't seem like a terrible thing to do!  A teacher came along and said in a booming voice "No fraternising!!!"   As I had not the faintest idea what the word meant I could only gather from his tone that I had done something wrong and should stop doing it!!!  No-one had bothered to mention to me the invisible line down the centre of the school which separated boys from girls; seemed a little pointless and strange to me but apparently that was the case.  

Richard Norris was one of the few friendly faces I do remember and it is sad to know of his passing. Interestingly each time I received the emails I have read them and each time I have remembered Richard.  [more]

from Brett Yeats

Richard Norris passed away on Monday after a long battle with cancer.

While losing any of our fellow Telopeans saddens me, Richard's death is more personal because I have spoken with him a few times this year. Richard and his wife Ursula joined a few of us for a barbecue here in May. He had that lovely smile that you can see in many of the class photos, and his attitude has been wonderful. He planned to go to South America (and did) and told me that he was hoping to live till the reunion. 

I spoke to Richard last on Friday to see how he was. "Not well" he said, he was basically just waiting. "I think I'll miss the reunion by a couple of weeks". My offer to help him and Ursula was not needed because he had his family with him, also waiting for the inevitable.

Many of you knew Richard from primary school, many of you will be saddened by this news.
We have lost a brave and positive person. Our thoughts go out to Ursula and the family.
Richard's funeral is on Friday at 3.00 at the Norwood Park Crematorium, Mitchell.

Details are in the Death Notice from today's Canberra Times.


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