Richard Emery

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Richard Emery

This is the official biography of Richard Emery (so far):

Left Telopea and worked at the Zoology Dept. ANU as a lab assistant – started a Biology Degree but left to go to family who had moved back to Melbourne.  Got ‘engaged’ and then got ‘not engaged’ but that was OK as I probably wasn’t ready for that.

After a job at Melbourne Uni I was involved in a serious accident where I broke my hip et al. Unsettled, I drove taxis, did more lab work with ICI under the directorship of John Landy and while I was there I did a Radio Announcers course with the rock station 3XY. I got an announcers job in sleepy Deniliquin (NSW) where I was the morning announcer. Total fun time was had by all…I moved to 2RG (Griffith) and then to 2BE (Bega) and this is where I met the mother of my 3 children.

We all moved to Albury 2AY and I then got serious about radio and moved over to the ABC (2CO). Had so much fun being a serious announcer and met lots of really fascinating people (and a few famous ones as well but they tended not to be as fascinating). We bought 200 acres of rocks and rabbits near Beechworth (Vic) and I played the hobby farmer but all we really raised were the aforementioned rocks and rabbits. ‘Her in gumboots’ wanted to be a real farmer's wife so she moved in with the next door neighbour and I became a psychiatric nurse….talk about major change in direction.

I eventually met my ‘Life Partner’ and have been with Lisa for 30 years now.  

I moved to hospitals in Footscray and Werribee (Vic) before being assaulted at work and having to leave the profession

I have worked for Officeworks and Telstra in Call Centres before finally finding my new life as a Specialist Coffee Roaster in Ballarat (Vic). I have been successful in this phase of my life collecting a couple of dozen National Roasting Championship medals but I still need at least a Gold one to go with the others. My café is rated as the best in town and our coffee gets everyone talking about the quality and the taste. I have 6 staff who are the best at making and selling coffee.

My coffee roaster (the only one in town) is being traded in as I write this and I am getting a new one, twice the size, to ensure we keep growing.

My grown up kids are all happy and living close to Ballarat and in April my eldest daughter produced my first grandchild – a gorgeous  girl, who we spoil of course.

Life is good and I’m sorry I can’t get to the reunion. Have a great time.
Richard Emery

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