Peter Berents

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Peter Berents

A brief summary of my activities after leaving Telopea in 1968:
I completed my BEc at ANU. Having been called up I went into the army in  early 1972.  I was lucky enough to be selected for the officer training course and completed that. With the election of Gough  in December 1972 and the disbanding of national service I left the army in 1973.

I started work in the building industry in Canberra and ended up as Director of the Master Builders’ Association of the ACT. I left Canberra for Sydney  in 1983 to join Wormald International. I had the opportunity to work with a range of their international companies and saw a lot of the world over the 8 years I was with them including some time working in the US.

In 1992 when Optus Communications started in early 1992  I was asked to join them and started in February 1992. I worked as their Risk Manager  until I retired in 2005. Since then I have run a small consultancy business involved with risk management with a few local and  international clients. This keeps me occupied and gives me the chance to travel overseas a few times a year.

In our spare time my wife, daughter  and I try to keep active. We are all keen skiers, sailors, scuba divers, and bicyclists.  We combine these activities with our interest in travel and seeing the world.


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