Nigel Murray-Harvey

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Nigel Murray Harvey

1969 – 1971              Art Lecturer, Canberra Art School, Art Critic, Canberra Times
1971 – 1997              Art Lecturer:

Bedford Park Teachers College, Adelaide
Sturt College of Advanced Education
South Australian College of Advanced Education
Flinders University of South Australia (Senior Lecturer)
Worked at the 4 institutions above, from the same office, as the institution metamorphosed over the years!

Have continued to make things and paint things.

One non art thing made in 10 months, 1992-1993 is a 20 foot wooden ‘Bangor Packet, rowing Wherry with  sliding seat’ designed by Joel White of the USA with a view to providing a craft for waters less calm than a river or lake, a bit like a tub single. Only 2 foot wide, it is inherently unstable, but with its length and in 1993 state-of-the-art seat and riggers, quite fast. This boat has been rowed a fair amount, latterly having squid caught from it off the beach around the Seacliff, Brighton, Glenelg coast of Adelaide. One a couple of occasions single and double scull racing has also been indulged in.

In March, 2010 a 1938 Morris 8’40 Tourer took to the roads I Adelaide after 14 years of an, on and off, down to the bare chassis restoration and has been driven regularly since. Anyone coming to Adelaide should get in touch to experience the joys of a run in “Cricket”. The nostalgic restorer had a very rough example when he as an Art Student in the UK so of course is reliving his past!

Perhaps one of the more notable art moments was having a portrait of Tom Gleghorn accepted for the 1972 Archibald.

Hope to make it to the reunion and look forward to seeing lots of people from the past. Please make yourself known to me if I knew you – the memory, never good, is getting worse!


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