Margaret Hanfield

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Margaret and Ruth

Margaret (right) with Ruth Ingram

After leaving school, I had one year full time uni before finishing my Arts degree part time while working in Dept Foreign Affairs and Trade (following father's footsteps).  Bill O'Brien and I married in 1972, and had one of the first "double" postings with DFAT, to Port Moresby in 1975.

Later we were both posted to Kuala Lumpur, then both of us to Belgrade in the early 1980s.  We went our separate ways later in the 1980s. 

I stayed with DFAT until 1993 when I moved to Sydney with my current partner Bruce.  There I joined the fledgling Refugee Review Tribunal in a managerial role, but in 1995 I became a member of that Tribunal, actually reviewing Immigration Dept decisions on refugees, rather than managing the process.  

Eleven years of that was more than enough, and so we retired to Merimbula.  We love it here, kind climate, great golf courses, good social life and lots of room for our big four legged boy Ned.  Looking forward to catching up with everyone in October.

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