Lesley Robyn McKay

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Lesley Mackay

I was born in Ibadan, Nigeria as my father was teaching Greek and Latin at the Uni there. I lived there until I was almost 5, then we moved to New Zealand for 5 years, before moving to Canberra in May or June 1961. I went to Forrest Primary school for part of 5th and all of 6th grade, then Telopea Park High starting in 1963 along with most of our grade. At the end of 1963 our family went to England for a year as Dad had Sabbatical Leave - that is why I do not feature in any photos for 2nd form. We returned at the end of 1964 and I re-joined the class for 3rd form through to the end of our schooling. I am the second oldest of 7 children.

I studied Medicine at The University of Sydney and graduated in January 1975 with second class Honours. I married my husband, Barry Earp, just after our final exams - I met him at Uni. We worked at St George Hospital in Sydney in 1975, then moved to Gosford Hospital in 1976, planning to go over to India as missionary doctors a couple of years later. However, we lost our first baby (a girl) and had a high risk of abnormality with all other pregnancies so decided to stay in Australia. We ended up a couple of years later in General Practice in Terrigal, where we have been ever since. 10 years ago now, in December 2000, we moved out from the building where we were working alongside another practice, and set up separately in our own Christian practice. We had 5 healthy sons between 1977 and 1985, and now have 4 daughters-in-law and 5 grandchildren (3 girls and 2 boys) with another 2 expected before the Reunion. Our oldest granddaughter has just started school this year (2011)

I have always worked part-time since being in General Practice, and have job-shared with my husband so we could be at home with the children when needed, and also had some opportunities to be involved in our local church in which we are both very active - my Christian faith is still very important to me as it was when I was at Telopea.We have travelled a little over the years - more so since the children are no longer at home with us. Holidays, conferences and catching up with family are the usual reasons for travel. We'd love to do more, but it is becoming harder due to the shortage of GP's at present and it is therefore becoming more difficult to take time off together. I would love to be a grandmother who is actively involved in my grandchildren's lives, so had planned to retire when I turned 60 (this happens in March 2011) but at this stage it looks unlikely that I will be able to retire for a couple more years yet - unless perhaps we can attract another younger doctor into our practice. I am involved with the administration of the practice as well as working as a doctor.  I still see my grandchildren as much as I can. My hobbies (when I get time for such things) include scrapbooking, cardmaking, silk ribbon embroidery, reading, travel  and scenic walks.

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