Julie Roberts

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Julie Roberts

Surprising after I left Telopea I found myself doing a degree in biology at the ANU, after which, also surprisingly, I found myself working at CSIRO Entomology in Canberra. Life seemed to continue like that – I would find that I was involved with interesting adventures that I seemed to fall into.

Around 30 years of age it seemed there was not enough time for full time work, so I had a number of engaging part-time jobs that I hoped contributed to the greater good in some way. It never really occurred to me that I could have had a career path. Odd how life works.

Anyway, I travelled overseas at various times when the bank account looked healthy – Europe (including 9 months in Spain, apparently overlapping with the Willoughbys although didn’t spot them), Africa (arrested for spying!), Canada and 18 months in Central/South America.  The latter involved a year or so tending a menagerie of local creatures for a wildlife photographer. These included some animals I had never heard of such as the margay, kinkajou and agoutis, plus a couple of jaguars, a puma and several tarantulas. All good fun.

In my early 40’s I decided a move to the country was in order, and built myself a little mud brick house in the bush near Cobargo on the far south coast of NSW, where I remain. Here I have worked in health care, supporting people to stay in their homes, and currently work in a respite facility, just down the road, for people with profound disabilities. I enjoy this work, fortunately, as it seems it may have to support me materially until I can pick up the pension (retirement was something else I forgot to plan for). I also practice reflexology.

Spiritually. Tibetan Buddhism had sustained me for the last 16 years.

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