Mrs Judy Inveen

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I remember teaching at Telopea with huge affection. Arriving there at all of 23 in March 1965 I was already an experienced teacher from WA where I had taught at Meville (1961 - 63) and Holywood High Schools (Term 1 1964). In WA we had to initially teach everything at junior high school level . That’s why I had taught maths.

The day I arrived in March was Day 1 of the new Wyndham Scheme. Nobody seemed to really be sure of what they were doing but the students guided us through it.

I initially taught both English and Maths. I think I was and still am the only teacher who has sat in the English staffroom with a maths protractor on her desk! I also taught some junior French as well.

Anyway under the wonderful mentorship of Bette Thompson I was guided through my first months and I’ll never forget her friendship. I also remember the colleagues I had such as Julia McFarlane (Ryan) Jan Aitkin, Rosemary Newman ( Walsh) Elizabeth Read and of course Mick March and Willie Price. Alec McPherson was a Principal of huge integrity too.

I think my claim to fame was that Rosemary Newman and I got sick of umpiring hockey on York Park in winter so introduced Yoga classes for senior girls in the hall on sport afternoons. It seemed to be a very well patronised program. Thorny wasn’t too happy about this however as it denuded some sports teams.

Willie Price’s drama fest in 1967 leaves me with memories of Adam de Toth, Ann Gilby and Brian Kerr as Shylock, Portia and Bassanio respectively performing with great skill and panache.

As for all the other students, memories of Christine Harris, John Engledow, Stephen Bissett, Moira Scollay, Elizabeth Johns, Sue Koorey, Ian Deane Roger Price and many, many others are warm in my memory.

Teaching at Telopea (1965 - 67) was a unique educational experience.


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