John Ewing

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.... also known at Telopea as Jack Ewing

Jack Ewing

We are sitting in our balcony on the Sun Princess, looking at the sunset, sipping wine, as we sail out of the harbour in Bali. That is when I started writing these notes; we are on our way to Fremantle. This is a great time in our lives ....Janice and I have both retired our children have left home, and today we celebrated our 33rd anniversary.

Anyway, back in high school in 1968 the career advisors came and suggested that maybe I could work in a laboratory. This, I thought would be a ridiculous idea. My mum took me to the pathology laboratory in the dark dingy basement at Canberra Hospital and when the HSC was over I landed a job there.

I did a Traineeship in Pathology then went to the Uni. of Canberra, like nearly everybody else at the time.  I mainly worked in the field of Microbiology and it was a satisfying job because I was directly helping people. In the early days these were the times when most bugs were sensitive to almost all antibiotics and life was simple. However over the next 30 years or so a lot changed. They were interesting times in Microbiology... resistant  organisms came along, MRSA, VRE etc , the emergence of Hep B , Hep C, HIV and PCR work.

In 1975 one of my mates wanted to go to a dance at the Hotel Ainslie, I really didn’t want to go, but he nagged me until I went. Towards the end of the evening I could see a girl sitting with her back towards me, she was wearing a white dress. I couldn’t even see what she looked like, but I took a chance and asked her for a dance.....I married Janice in 1978. My dad even knew her dad, they were both plumbers, she also went to Telopea Park School 5 years after I did. Canberra was like that in those days.

In 1981 David was born and in 1984 Christine was born. The next 20 years or so were happy times. Like helping out at the Pre School, games of cricket in the back yard, games of hide and seek, watching the kids play sport on the weekends , family holidays, and watching the kids grow up...wonderful times ! After college David studied Industrial Design at the Uni of Canberra and a few years ago he left home for the Gold Coast where he started his first job designing boats. The day he left he hugged us and a single tear fell from his eye onto the floor....and then he was gone. A few years later Christine, who is a theatre nurse, left Canberra also for the Gold Coast with her fiancé Craig, another sad day.

When the kids left home we were able to travel a bit more and in the last 5 years we have visited Singapore , Thailand, Malaysia, Fiji , New Zealand ,China, Egypt, Turkey, Bali, and Northern Australia. We also bought a retro Caravan from Germany called a T@B.

A few years ago I took up watercolour painting and have become good enough at it to sell some paintings. Just recently I decided I would try to make art out of junk, it is also called assemblage, and is becoming quite a big thing now. I made a few things , I wasn’t  sure if they were any good, especially after my mum (who is now 90 and has dementia) said that there was not an ounce of skill in them. So I took them to the curator of the Tuggeranong Art Gallery.... she said they were brilliant and invited me to participate in an exhibition there next year.

Just recently I thought I had better tick a few boxes, so I flew a 60 year old plane, drove a Porsche, drove a racing car on a track, saw the Great Wall and the Pyramids. The next stage in our life is a move to the Gold Coast. We need a change, we’ve always wanted to live near the beach and the weather's much better as well, so early next year we will sell the house and move. That brings me up to the present day.


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