Jennifer Lovelock

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Jennifer Boardman - July 1951 - August 2011
Jennifer was the youngest of 13 surviving children.  She lived in Yarralumla from birth until she married Leigh Boardman in 1969, and attended Telopea Park High School.  Jennifer is survived by her husband Leigh, four sons and two grand-daughters. 

Her youngest son suffered brain damage, due to medical mishap after a heart operation at the age of 2.  Jen fought the medical fraternity, and the justice system - winning a long hard battle after 24 years to see justice for her son.  However, the battle took its toll and she developed Vascula Dementia, and had a stroke three years ago.  It was a three years illness, most of which was spent in a nursing home in Brisbane.  Jennifer passed away in August of this year. 

She was an amazing daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, mother, and friend, and is missed by all her family and friends.   

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