Jeff Pollard

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Jeff Pollard

After having such a good time at Telopea Park in 1968 with rowing, rugby, swimming and hockey, and not very good school results, I decided to repeat the year. The results in sports were still good, however, HSC results were worse but I wasn’t too concerned as I still didn’t know what I wanted to do.

I went to work for a few months and saved enough money for a one way passage by the cheapest ship to England, plus a few hundred in spending money and headed off.

I got a job driving trucks (nobody asked to see a licence) all around England, Scotland and Wales delivering computers to every bank in every little town and city so I got to see it all over 12 months. I caught up with a few ex Telopeans including Ian Barnes, Ted Suffolk, Stewart Darville and Howard Duffy plus a few others from earlier years too.

Howard Duffy and I went to America where I stayed for six months of surfing the California coast in between working at an Italian pizza restaurant.

After a short time in Canada I returned to England for a few months before coming home after two years away and still not knowing what I would do.

After a job offer from one of my father’s opposition and good friend, and with blessings from my father, I joined the real estate business in Canberra. After a year I went to Queensland where I had always wanted to live after holidaying on the Gold Coast when I was 14, and opened a branch of the family real estate business in Brisbane.

Returning to Canberra for a holiday in 1973, I met Patricia Goodwin, whose older brother and sister I knew well from hockey. I convinced her to join me in Brisbane and that began a long romance which continues to this day.

We sold the Brisbane business in 1975 and went overseas together, to South America and Europe and ended up in London running a hostel where we met numerous more ex Telopeans doing the big trip.

We came back to Australia and got married in 1976 and bought another real estate business on Magnetic Island which was like having a continuous honeymoon. We met a few more Telopeans there too coming for holidays.

In 1980 we sold the business and moved to Darwin to sell a development for the family company and ended up staying and going into real estate there too. Apart from a short move to the Gold Coast again and four years in Hervey Bay, we have been there ever since.

Tricia retired about 2003 to concentrate on art and I retired in 2008 and sold the business and now we live in Darwin and the Gold Coast and also travel Australia in our off road camper and 4WD. We may be grey, but don’t call us grey nomads.

We have two wonderful girls who were born in Darwin and they have both moved to Canberra to live. How strange is that?

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