Ian Pechey

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Ian Pechey

Eulogy written and spoken by daughter Emma

I sat down on Monday morning and in front of me was the sports page and strangely enough I picked it up. I thought I would check how well Dad was doing helping out Australia in the cricket. Behind the picture on that page was none other than my Dad’s hero, Mark Taylor, known to all as ‘Tubby’. It showed Tubby sitting in the dressing room at the SCG sadly, solemnly packing up his items after what was probably his last appearance in a cricket match at the SCG. I thought ….. how appropriate ….. these two special men were both closing a chapter of their lives, one which we hoped would never come. In the photo I noticed that above the door of the dressing room was a quote which caught me and has stuck with me since. It read “There will never be another now, so make the most of today”. Most people are either caught in the past or looking to the future, where as Dad was a person who lived for the moment.

He was the one that always commented on dinner by saying how wonderful it was even if it was as boring as spaghetti bolognaise. He was the one who would be caught on our Sunday night BBQs with family and friends, just standing back, absorbing the fullness of the moment. Beer in one hand, barbie next to him and a table of cluttered chatter in front of him and he’d say, like he did at an occasion just as this a few weeks ago, “This is the life. Isn’t it great to have all the family here together?” Then he’d just stand back with a contented smile and a peaceful look in his eyes.

Coming to terms with the suddenness of our father’s passing hasn’t been easy, but we have found much comfort in how lucky and blessed we have been to have had the time we did have with him. He was a father that loved us to bits, was so patient, so understanding, and so caring. All he ever wanted was for us to be happy and fulfilled, a hug and a kiss, and all we ever wanted was to make him proud. But what is undoubted is how proud we are of him. His softness and ability to touch everyone he knew makes us realise how loved he was, evident by overwhelming support here today. The bond with Dad that has brought you here today, regardless of whether it is workmate, friend or relative, he always undeniably cherished it.

Within our family, the strength of our bonds is a reflection of our father’s insistence on closeness between family. As a family we have been through continual tests of strength. Moving again and againhas always been a struggle but he was always there for us. Dad always made sure we were coping or getting by. He made an effortto ask everyday, with complete interest, how our day had been. He always encouraged us to do what made us happy and what fulfilled ourselves. He never instilled expectations for us or judged, but simply accepted and respected not only ours but everyone’s different needs in life.

But like I said it only made us stronger, closer and more appreciative of what we had. He always made the most of the time of the time spent together and the infamous Pechey family holidays were trips he planned and organised to the last detail. Looking back on it though, much of that organisation was inevitably undermined with the frequent occurrence of unpredictable disasters like flat tyres, breakdowns, overheating going up the Rocky Mountains and smoking brakes on the way down, and anything else that could have possibly gone wrong. Although it wasn’t planned it was what made these trips some of our fondest memories. But in the end, we always reached our destination, maybe with a bit less money and a few days late, but we made it, and that’s what always made Dad happy. So in a way it’s just like another bizarre Pechey family camping holiday. We’ve reached something totally unexpected and at the moment we don’t know what to do, but we are going to get back on that road and it will take a while and something else may go wrong, but we will make it … eventually …. To our destination …. Where Dad would want us to be.

These memories and countless others give us comfort that although he passed too soon, he lived a life many never experience. With Mum, our Dad was the light of our lives and the core of our family. He will always be with us … someone like Dad will always remain in his favourite things. Things like a tasty antipasto dish, a bottle of good red, a cricket match on a hot summer day, a family dinner, my Mother Christina, my brother Ben, my sister Tory, my little brother Rowan, myself and every person he touched.

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