Ian Dodsworth

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Ian Dodsworth

Surprised myself with a great time at ANU completing an honours degree in Zoology, After two years as a experimental officer at University of NSW I changed direction and completed a Dip.Ed at Sydney Uni. My first appointment was in Sydney followed by a period back in Canberra.

After a year of travel in Europe I returned to Australia, and married Elizabeth.

Minnamurra has been home for the last 32 years. Employment in the Illawarra required a switch from the government to Catholic education system where I spent thirty years at what is now Holy Spirit College Bellambi.  The latter part of my career was as Science Coordinator prior to my early retirement in 2008. Teaching was both challenging and enjoyable.

During the eighties along with teaching, we ran a small business with close friends. Music retailing is not my strength but during this time recordings shifted from vinyl to CD.  We prospered and our business venture ended very amicably.


Lib and I have two daughters Susan and Kate. Over the last eight years we have traveled the globe following them as they attend universities in Holland, Sweden and Canada. Overseas travel has involved walking trips and been punctuated by camping trips throughout Australia.

river Crossing Norway

Since commencing retirement cycling has become a real passion. Unfortunately, last year in November a descent of Saddleback Mountain was my undoing, I can't recall the event but think my speed exceeded my ability.  I was in St George Hospital and the brain injury unit at Liverpool Hospital for four months. Progress has been good. I am home, well and mobile, even getting back into walking and cycling.

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