Ian Barnes

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Ian Barnes

As for a potted history of the last 40 years, it goes something like

1970 - motorbike accident, broken back, 6 months in hospital, partial
paralysis, both legs
1973 - BA from Cambridge University
1974 - studying for a PhD at Oxford University, met present wife and
mother of my 3 children
1975 - dropped out of PhD programme
1976 - MA from Lancaster University
1979 - started working for Steve Bisset, first in Europe, and then
subsequently in the US
1982 - birth of first child Lucy
1984 - birth of second child Stephen
1986 - birth of third child, Aidan
1987 - 2010 Managing a variety of businesses in UK, Europe, US and Far East, most in manufacturing industries, most recently a $US600m business making fabric used in making disposable nappies and sanitary pads [well, someone has to do it!]

2011 - mostly retired

John Walsh, Ian Barnes

John Walsh met up with Ian in London in August 2011

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