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Esther Cutts

Prior to Telopea, I had been at the Girls Grammar School, and won a scholarship to study Art at the Sydney Tech College. Due to effects of the Polio, I needed some remedial surgery, so I deferred my scholarship, and moved to Teopea in 1965 if I recall correctly. I had to take time out from school for the surgery - ( I had my left leg shortened about 3.5  - 4 inches to even up my limp somewhat, and reduce the size and weight of my shoe 'build-up'.) I needed further remedial surgery on the other leg, and headed back to Royal North Shore Hospital. As the process is long and slow I didn't complete year 12. When I came back to Canberra, I joined the Public Service. Initially I worked at the National Library, transferring to the Department of Supply about a year later. I worked in few different branches, including the American Projects Branch during the phase of the Apollo Lunar Missions and the historic  Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins  'Man on the Moon' Mission etc!  Very interesting years!!! During that time I met and married my husband, staying on in the P/service for some years! (Definitely not in my initial career path plans!!!!) 

I had two children - a daughter and a son, 2.5 years apart and through these years I enjoyed being a mum, doing volunteer work, and being a Family Daycare Mum. I also ran a little cottage craft business and worked part time in a variety of other roles. Through  my husband's involvement with Eastlake Football club in the early 80's, I saw a bit of Paul and Linda McDonald, whose children were a bit younger than ours.  

After a few years, I undertook an Assoc Dip in Welfare, and when Emma began high school, I went back to work in the community sector (Disability and Aged Care) specialising in working with people with Dementia. My husband and I also owned a Restaurant and life was crazy and busy.

In my 40th year I traced my biological family - which was/has been, an interesting and challenging journey, culminating in finding my elderly biological parents (now in their 80's) discovering I was the eldest of 4 girls- I now had 3 younger biological sisters ! 

My husband and I divorced after 23+ years together, and I went on to train in a range of complementary modalities including Reiki, Polarity Therapy, EFT and Metaphysical Hypnotherapy. I ran my own business teaching Personal Development along with some of these modalities, and running Meditation groups for men, women and mixed groups. 

I had a couple of trips overseas in recent years, to visit my daughter and her hubby who were working O/S. My kids now in their 30's, are happily married and live locally, and have blessed me with three gorgeous grand children, with a 4th due in March 2011.

Due to some polio related health issues and the need for more ortho surgery, I retired 2 years ago. I find I need to pace myself nowadays, and my energy varies hugely due to post polio stuff.  However, life is good, and my family and grandies are my central focus, and bring much love, light and joy into my daily life, as always! I feel I have been blessed in so many ways, and the universe has smiled on me over the years!  

I'm really looking forward to catching up with people from time to time, and hearing about other people's journeys over the years.

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