Bridget Whitelaw

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Written by her sister Emma

Bridget Whitelaw

At the end of Year 12, Bridget moved to Melbourne and enrolled in a Fine Arts Degree at the University of Melbourne. She moved down with Meredith Borthwick. She finished her Degree and started working at the National Gallery of Victoria. She became curator of prints and drawings and loved the job. She married and had one child, Claire (now a lawyer). She then moved to the Australian Landscape section of the Gallery and organised a few exhibitions. She married a second time and had three more children, Sophie (now a doctor), Tom (now a lawyer) and William (now an undergraduate). When William was around two, Bridget was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, involving muscle loss. She lived another ten years, gradually losing all ability to walk, talk etc. She was well-cared for by her husband and children.

Emma Whitelaw


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