Barbara McGann

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Barbara McGann

My family moved to Canberra from Coffs Harbour in 1959. That was when my Dad was appointed Deputy Head at Telopea.

We were "allocated" a new semi-detached house in Campbell, in Anzac Parade. I remember my mother (an avid gardener), in floods of tears wondering how on earth      she was going to transform the weeds and thistles into a garden...which she did eventually. The lake went in while we were living there. A huge amount of dust      and    heavy earth moving machinery ... and then it rained, ... and we had a beautiful lake. Walked around it the other day, looked like glass.

I only attended TPHS for two years in 1963 and 1964. We moved to Young N.S.W., where I completed my schooling. My memories of the school are very “sketchy”, as I had little contact after we moved away, however I do remember that I was very happy there, and had some lovely friends. Looking at the class photos really jogged my memory. Totally LOVED Art lessons with Mrs Hinder, and Mrs ?., and English with Mrs Thompson was not too bad either. Drank “gallons” of creaming soda from the canteen, (haven’t been able to come at it ever since). I remember spending many P. E. lessons designated to stand under a tree doing knee bends !!! (Still don’t know why). I remember Mr McGann's lunchtime detentions. He had a “preamble” that we should have fun, and enjoy ourselves, climb all over the furniture if we wished etc, however if he returned, and we were not sitting in silence, eyes affixed to the chalk dot he had put on the board, then, ………. I have never been able to get over how he had us all totally under his spell.!!! (I tried it once in a Primary School, and it worked wonders !!!)

I am now retired after gaining a Bachelor of Education Degree and teaching in Primary Schools for 38+ years. I now have the time to follow my lifelong love and passion, being my artwork. I have been married twice, and there will not be a third!!! I have two beautiful daughters, both of whom I adopted as babies. I love my time at home with my two little dogs and cat, renovating my house, gardening and doing my artwork. I am very content. Would love to catch up with the class of “63.

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