Alan Hamilton

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Alan Hamilton

After school, I joined the Public Service and started a career in mainframe computing.

I met my wife, Libby McGinness, when she was training as a nurse at Canberra Hospital and we married in Feb, 1972. Our son Andrew was born in 1974 and Sarah in 1976.

We moved to Melbourne in 1979 when I started a job at Ansett Airlines. Working for the airline gave the family great opportunities to travel in Australia and overseas.

I left Ansett to start out as an independent computer consultant in 1985. When the kids had finally finished university, Libby and I packed up the house and worked for four years in Edinburgh, Amsterdam and London. We really enjoyed the adventure and lots of family and friends stayed with us during that time.

We have settled back in Melbourne now for some time. I am currently working at IBM. Up to now, I have worked in 16 organisations, mainly large banks and airlines

Andrew has returned, after 9 years working in London, with partner Emily and they are living in Melbourne. They are expecting a child in January 2012.

Sarah was married to Nick in 2008 and they have a son Oliver, and are expecting another child in February 2012. They are living in Colorado Springs, USA (thank goodness for Skype).

My sporting interests have included sailing and golf but my main interest is cycling. Every Sunday morning at the crack of dawn, I meet up for a ride with a group of mates. We also rail trails around Victoria 4-5 times a year, and an occasional Great Vic ride.


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