Alan Bacon

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Eulogy written by Patrick Britten

Al (Alan) Bacon
Born 1950.
Bailey Place Yarralumla

I first met Alan Bacon on our first day of school at Telopea Park High, 1963.

Alan was an “ex” St Edmund’s boy and had parted from there on un-equal terms and found himself in 1D TPHS.


Alan 4th from right, second row,   Patrick 4th from right, back row.

Alan appreciated the difference in the co-ed application at TPHS, I am sure he enjoyed his first year of being obliged to sit next to a female in class.

We both lived in Yarralumla, so Alan nearly always walked to my house in the morning and we generally took the bus to school.  This lasted into 2nd year where we soon explored the alternatives, walk to school and arrive mid-morning, ride to school and only miss the 1st period or on some occasions, walk somewhere and miss school altogether.

One of life’s pleasures for Alan was the School Cadet Corps, where Alan excelled in most of the areas of Army life and skills.  He enjoyed the uniform and was always dressed in the best starched outfits.  I was to learn much later that Alan and his father were responsible for his uniform (and all other activities) as it was an entirely male household.

Alan Bacon

My Mum always had time for Alan and enjoyed his company, he was so well mannered.  

During our entire time at high school there was hardly a problem between us, through school work, Cadets, school sports and many varied after school activities, Alan was a good guy to hang around and share time with.

Once we completed Third year and the Intermediate Certificate, the wider world beckoned so we both jumped in, or maybe out.  Out from school that is! We seemed to go our own way for a short time but eventually ended up working together at the Manuka Post Office as Junior Telegram operators and messenger boys.   This was a great life for a couple of young guys without a worry in the world!  There was always something happening for us in and around Manuka in those days.   We had a lot of fun trying to attract the opposite sex and I am sure you all understand the problems we encountered.

We parted company after awhile and I did not see Alan for quite some time.  When we met up again (many years later), Alan was in Army uniform (Regular) and I was to learn that he completed his National Service, left the Army for a short period and decided he should re-join.  This period of his life was not so enjoyable as he was reluctant to tell anyone of his previous service as a “Nasho” as they were not thought highly of for quite some time following the end of the Vietnam War.

It was to be a very long time until Alan and I met again.  In the intervening time my Mother, who was ill at the time in hospital, came home and told me she had met that “lovely” Bacon boy, who was working for Vets Affairs at the Hospital.

It was only recently in 2009 that we convened a Reunion for TPHS students from 1963-1965 (this being the years we both attended the school) with classes 1C through to 1F.  Those four classes shared most of the common subjects and had mixed numbers in subjects such as wood-work, metal-work, home economics etc.

Once Alan and I became ‘re-acquainted’ before, during and after the Reunion, it was quite apparent that this was the same person who I shared so much time with at school.  All the old memories came back immediately and not surprisingly we both enjoyed the experience of recalling some of our most memorable events during and after school days.

Alan’s passing came as a surprise to me and I am sad to see a dear friend depart so early, however I am glad we had the time to meet, remember and celebrate our school days and friendship.

He will be sadly missed by family and friends.

We the Telopea Park High School students salute you Alan.


Patrick Britten
TPHS 1963-65

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