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Person 1: First Name Last Name Number of people attending event(s) Person 2: First Name Last Name I will attend: Person 2 will attend
Bill Andrews 1 All three events
Stan Bakker 1 All three events 
Ross Bain 2 Karen Griffith all three events Sunday event
Tony Bandle 2 Marie Baker Saturday event Saturday event
Ian Barnes 1 All three events 
Geraldine Beaumont 1 Sunday event
Marilyn Beaumont 1 All three events
Paul Berry 1  
Chris Bergin (Archer) 1 Friday event
Steve Bisset 1 All three events 
John Bourchier 1 All three events 
Dana Breese 1 All three events 
Patrick Britten 2 Kaye Britten Saturday event  Saturday event 
Sara Brown 1     All three events 
Judy Bullock 1 All three events 
Mike Burns 2 Richelle Da Costa All three events All three events
Geoff Cannock 1 all three events
Beverley Carron 1 All three events
Michael Cassin 1     Friday and Saturday  
Dinah Clark 1     all three events  
Ian Cook 1     Friday and Saturday  
Kate Cottingham 2 Bob Strachan All three events  All three events 
Sue Cranston 1 All three events 
Colin Curran 1     all three events  
Stewart Darville 2 Pam Darville all three events Saturday and Sunday
Ian Dodsworth 2 Elizabeth Dodsworth Friday and Saturday  Friday and Saturday 
Howard  Duffy  2 Margaret  Duffy Friday and Saturday  Saturday event 
Bob Edwards 1 Friday event
Michael Edwards 2 Pam Edwards Saturday event  Saturday event 
John Ewing 2 Janice Ewing All three events  All three events 
Judy Fenton 1 Saturday event
Jenni Fielding 1 Friday event
Saturday event 
David Frencham 2 Christine McPaul Saturday event  Saturday event 
Angus Hall 1 All three events
Margaret Hanfield 1 All three events 
Kaye Hargreaves 1 Saturday and Sunday 
Peter Harris 1 Saturday event
Robyn Hartnett 1 Sunday event
Jennifer Hendy 1 All three events 
Wendy Hibbard 1 All three events 
Ian Hill 2 Jill Hill Saturday and Sunday  Saturday and Sunday 
Steve Hills 1 All three events
Merrin Howe 2 Con Van Dartel All three events All three events
Graham Hutchinson 1     Saturday event  
Ruth Ingram 2 Ivan Boyer All three events  Friday event 
Peter Jansen 2 Louise Jansen Friday and Saturday  Saturday event 
Nina Kavunenko 1        
Winnie Kellar 2 Vic Turco Friday and Saturday
Saturday event
Ian Kerr 1 All three events 
Valda Krastins 1     Saturday event  
Stephen Maitland 2 Fran Maitland All three events  All three events 
Mick March 1     Friday event  
Elizabeth Martin 2 Caroline  Martin All three events  All three events 
Deborah Macfarlane 1 All three events
Phil McAppion 1 All three events 
Dave McIlrath 1     all three events  
Lesley McKay 2 Barry Earp All three events  All three events 
Neil Megee 2 Greg Megee All three events Sunday event
Nigel Murray-Harvey 2 Jennie Fenton All three events All three events
Janice Nelson 2 Alek Skorich All three events  All three events 
Danielle Nghiem 1 All three events
Rob Nicholls 2 Jenny Nicholls All three events  Sunday event
Bill  O'Brien 1 All three events
Guenther Ploy 1     all three events  
Susanna Price 2 Jack Harvey Saturday and Sunday Sunday event
Robert Redfern 1 Saturday event
Julie Roberts 1 Saturday and Sunday
Virginia Jane Rose 1 All three events 
Kayelene Scarr 2 Sheree Doherty Saturday event Saturday event
Fred Schodt 2 all three events all three events
Moira Scollay 1 All three events 
Karen Scott 1 Friday and Saturday
Vivian Shields 1 Sunday event
Leonie Skinner 1 All three events 
Chris Slater 1 Saturday event 
Jenny Smith 2 Tony White Saturday event Saturday event
Jude Smith 2 Andrew Matusiewicz All three events  Saturday event 
Christine Solomon 1 Sunday event
Brian Starke 1     Saturday event  
Probyn Steer 2 Anne Rose Friday and Saturday Saturday and Sunday
Muriel Story 1 all three events
Neville Street 1 Friday event
Richard Swan 1 All three events
Peter  Thompson 1 Saturday and Sunday 
John Walsh 1 All three events 
Penny Watson 1 All three events 
Helen White 2 Robert Richardson Saturday event  Saturday event 
Len Whyte 2 Sue Terry All three events  Saturday event
Bill Williams 1     Saturday and Sunday 
Robert Willoughby 2 Jill Lumsdaine Saturday event  Saturday event 
Michele Woodyer 2 Kevin  Norton All three events  Saturday and Sunday 
Roslyn Woodyer 2 Charlie Chan All three events  Saturday event 
Terry Woollcott 1 All three events 
Andrew Wright 2 Margo Wright Sunday Sunday
Brett Yeats 1 All three events