memories ....

From Probyn Steer

Another memory:

Somebody (male) suggested loudly that we should challenge school authority’s rules about dress code by wearing “Walk Shorts” the next day. I volunteered immediately.

Walk Shorts and short sleeve shirt and Tie and long socks were the components of the Walk Shorts” fashion.

The next day, I turned up in said dress. Unfortunately, no one else did.

Not having a spare set of “correct” uniform, I just had to carry on.

No real results happened until we went to Maths period.

We had a new, young male teacher (Mr Edwards I think) who told me to leave his classroom because he didn’t like my dress.

I replied, “Well, I don’t like your suit, but I don’t attempt to eject you from the class.”

He said no more, and we carried on the lesson.

It wasn’t until a year or so later that I realised I had been “set up” and the idea was to embarrass me.

I’m still as gullible as I was then. Now, I would probably fall for it again. I’m not real smart, but I can lift heavy things.

I want to know if anybody else remembers any part/parts of this.



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